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The next Rodney Mullen?

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This little kid Isamu yamamoto has got some nasty skills when it comes to freestyle skateboarding a style of skate boarding which had been popularized in the 70’s by The godfather of skateboarding Rodney Mullen. This amazing 10 year old … Continued

Artists in Portland OR

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You gotta love Portland, OR and how they are always trying to make their city look a little bit more exciting by allowing artists to come and paint large murals around the city. Recentely they have justy finished a project … Continued

Hip Hop to fuel the streets

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Cultivated Clothing Culture has recentley helped fund one of our favorite hip hop artists Lyrics Born in his IndieGogo campaign #REALPEOPLE in order to get funding to record his new album Real People. There is no better way to show … Continued

Be Creative

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Ok, I know this video is really old school straight out of the 70’s with a pretty bad pixel strength but I feel that you need to know about Denny Dent and his mind blowing form of freestyle art and … Continued

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