Sale! Cultivated Logo T-shirt
Cultivated Logo T-shirt

This is the Cultivated Clothing Logo…well one of them at least.

The evergreen tree represents the Northwest while the roots stand for staying rooted or in other words never forget where you came from

We designed this cool looking Zebra Woodgrain

The shirt is unisex so it looks good on both Men and Women

It has our motto on the back and comes in both Black and Whi


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Don’t Hate Cultivate
Don’t Hate Cultivate

There is to much hate in the world and not enough love

People need to just chill out and smoke a bowl

Try planting a tree or playing in the soil instead of getting angry

Grow Ganja it will make you happy


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Drop Seeds, Not Bombs T-shirt
Drop Seeds, Not Bombs T-shirt

Drop Seeds, Not Bombs, Till Soil, Don’t Kill For Oil,

This shirt is beyond Wavy!!

Most comfortable shirt you will own

A lot of thought went into this design

Hope you like it!!

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Sale! Ideas are Growing T-shirt
Ideas are Growing T-shirt

This is the first ever shirt we made

We learned a lot from this one

Lots of colors! The printers told us it was a pretty extravagant design for screen printing (four colors on the back who does that?)

This design represents Cultivated never being held back from our dreams

This is Cultivated Clothing History! Never to be re-printed!

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