Dj Premier announces new album and track with live band The Badder

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Dj Premier the Dj behind the 90’s hip hop group Gangstarr has just announced that he is going to be releasing an album with a live band called The Badder. Dj Premier who is best known for his head bobbing boom bap beats and heavy record scratching has decided to mix his style with  The Badder’s funky jazz sound in order to bring you a something new. A sound that you can move and dance to but at the same time might be able to sit back and kick a dope cypher with your friends over. We don’t expect a whole lot more from Dj premier than pure excellence as he always amazes us with his skills on the boards and that’s just what we got with his newest track in collaboration with The baddest that the are calling BPATTER. A smooth vibing track that makes you want to get up and dance. Just try to listen to this track and stay in your seat Cause we are jumping around the office at Cultivated. The energy of the beat is sure to make you get down!

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