Flower Techniks

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Here at Cultivated Clothing Culture we love to search for the out of the ordinary. Like these amazing photos that were shot by photographer  Sabrina Rynas of flowers being made to look as if they are pyrotechnics exlpoding in the sky. For this art project they got the very talented and multi faceted  artist Sarah Illenberger to arrange the flowers against a pitch black background in such a way that when photographed it looks as if they are no longer flowers but instead they are fireworks bursting in the sky. It is amazing how she able to trick your eyes into seeing something that so in-organic from something that is so organic. When someone is able to take something so simple as a flower and turn it into something so amazing as these images we tip our hat to them. If you Enjoy These photos and would like to have one of them for yourself you can follow the link to Sarah Illenberger‘s website and purchase them for around 240 Eur or about the equivallent of $285.00 US Dollars. We hope this inspires you to open your mind and to find the art everywhere around you.






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