Hip Hop to fuel the streets

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Cultivated Clothing Culture has recentley helped fund one of our favorite hip hop artists Lyrics Born in his IndieGogo campaign #REALPEOPLE in order to get funding to record his new album Real People. There is no better way to show an artist you appreciate what they do then by helping them fund their next album. It is a great feeling to know that we were apart of this. The reason I posted this blog post though is becasue I was talking to a couple of my younger freinds the other day telling them about how we helped Lyrics Born out on his campaign and they had no clue who I was talking about and it mad me realize that not enough people promote real hip hop anymore it is all just about guns, drugs, hoe’s and money. So I figured that I would put up one of my favorite Lyrics Born tracks “Calling Out” for your listening pleasure. Listen to the funky lyrics and beats that Lyrics Born brings on the track, this is hip hop at it’s best some real music with a meaning and keep your ear’s and eye’s on our blog and we will let you know when his new album’s relased to the streets.

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