Joey BadA$$ New Video for His Latest Single “Like Me”

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Joey BadA$$ has just Released the video for his Latest Single off of his EP b4DA$$ called “Like Me” a J Dilla and Roots produced track with assistance from BJ The Chicago Kid on the vocals. This video is just raw Joey plays on a few heart strings here while bringing up the problems of being a black kid in america refrencing the Darren Wilson And Trayvon Martin Deaths in the video. Joey is known for being out spoken on diffenrent racial issues in america on the regular but he really goes all in with the the message that he puts across in this video. Along with showing that it isnt always the white man behind the gun everytime. Congrats to Joey for staying true to his roots and touching on real problems in America that need to be focused on and not just swept under the rug cause whether you are Black, White Asian Or Hispanic these are issues that need to be adressed now.

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