New Pusha T Track “Untouchable”

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Today Pusha T Drops us one of his newest tracks that is slated for his upcoming album King Push. With Pusha T fresh from it just being announced that Pusha is thew manager of G.o.o.d Music. He has decided to bless us with his new track “untouchable”. The track name is perfect since Pusha T has been untouchable since the beginning of his career with Clipse. The group that consisted of him and his brother No Malice (Formerly know as Malice) and produced by one of music’s top producers Pharell Willams. Along his Fame from Clipse Pusha T has killed it as a solo artist also putting out one of the best albums of 2015 with the his album my Name Is My Name. That is not all Though that Pusha does he is also the owner of a well known streetwear label called Play Cloths and owns a group of boutique stores named Creme. Now that you know all this about Pusha T I’m sure you can agree that the name “untouchable” for this Timbaland produced track is just the right name for such a harworking artist like Pusha T.

(You can only listen to the new Pusha T track by going to Where they have embedded a secret code into the small angel emblem on the bottom of the screen- Click on the angel and then move it across the screen to listen to “Untouchable”) Pretty Creative if you ask us here at Cultivated Clothing.

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