NFL Draft jerseys get made in 30 Seconds!

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Have you ever wondered how the NFL was always so prepared with each Draft nominees Jersey once they have been chosen by their selective team? So have we, actually this was just a conversation that had arose the other day at the Cultivated Clothing office about how they get the jersey’s made so fast. At first we were thinking that they might just print up every nominees name on every teams jersey and then just send the unused jerseys off to a underprivileged country that doesn’t know or care about the teams and are just happy to have clothes that don’t have holes in them like they do with all the unused NBA Finals and NFL Superbowl gear of the losing team. then we thought they that just sounded like a waste of money and materials. Then when we woke up today the NFL had released a behind the scenes video of what actually happens when a nominee gets chosen for the draft and just how exactly the jerseys are made. To our surprise they actually have all the jerseys on hand with the ability to just print and place the winners name on the back of their new teams jersey with in seconds. We were quite intrigued when we found out how quick this process was done and thought that you might enjoy it as well. So here you go the behind the scenes video of how the NFL Draft jerseys are made.


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