The first shirt in the Winter 2014 Line Up is almost here!

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Cultivated The Motto

Here is the next shirt that we have in the line up! We worked really close with the screen printers on this one trying to get the colors of the red shirt to contrast the maroon print just right. We are trying something different with this shirt and design and we hope that everyone really likes this one. However there are a few things about this shirt that makes it really special. Like if you look up on the upper right hand corner there is some numbers. What do those numbers mean you may ask your self, well they are the latitute and longitude lines of where Cultivated Clothing Culture is located. Wait though I see more things on there you may say. Well your right we also added our favorite time of the day in military time to represent our militant attitude at life. What time of day that is is up to you to figure out on your own. There is also the date we were established and where we from the great NW. Then to finsih this amazing peice of work off we added a Forest and moutain scape with a lone house in the woods to show that we are individuals. then we threw the Cultivated Clothing Culture mission statement underneath that so you can always know what we are about and also so you can get get really annoyed about having to tell every damn person you come into contact with what it says on your shirt. I’m just joking about that last part, or maybe i’m not. I guess you will just have to pick one up for your self to see.

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