Lil B and Chance The Rapper Release Free (Based Style Mixtape)

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What Happens when Lil B and Chance The Rapper get together? They make a freestyle mixtape that’s what! One of our favorite things at Cultivated is when artists collaborate to make new art for the world to hear. When Lil b And Chance the Rapper got together in the studio they decided that they would do something a little bit different then your normal everyday artist. They were going to put out a compleatley un-written Freestyle mixtape and since it was going to be a free mixtape for the public they were going to name it the FREE (Based Style Mixtape). Finally it is here for all of our listening pleasures. You can now hear the magic that comes from two great artists getting together to make something with out any reasoning other then to give the world some good music to chill and bump your head to. Listen Below!

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