Kendrick Lamar- For Free? (Interlude)

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What is there to even say about this video. It really is one that you will have to watch a couple of times to really understand the message that is being displayed in the new Kendrick Lamar For Free (interlude) video. The video and song starts out nice and soft with a smooth saxophone solo with a choir singing in the background but then quickly leading in to a woman telling her man how weak of a human being is and how she can get better. Then Kendrick pops in with some interesting verses for her telling her how his dick is not free and he is worth more then just “40 acres and a mule or a house with a pit bull.” ┬áIn the track Kendrick Lamar uses his dick as a metaphor for himself speaking as if he was a product that people think can be bought. However Kendrick makes it very clear in this quick interlude that he is not just another product of Uncle Sam and that he is much more then just his ideas, feelings and emotions. He is a special individual who can not be bought or sold. During a Twitter Q & A Kendrick was asked what his favorite track off his latest album “To Pimp A Butterfly” was and he responded that it was For Free?. What do you think? Do You Agree? It’s one of our favorites here at Cultivated Clothing there is no doubt about that.

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