Animal Skeletons That Walk on Wind

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Theo Jansen is a dutch artist who is known for his many of amazing designs such as the “UFO” and the Painting Machine.One of his coolest projects though has always been his Animals made out of yellow pvc tubing that actually walk on their own by being propelled by wind. Theo has been working on these design since the early 90’s trying to make a fully animatronic animals that moved them selves and would actually act and react like a real animal in certain ways. He has actually sat down and figured everything out to the smallest detail in order to get his animals to move freely. Even going as far as running a  program on his computer for months straight just to find out the right lengths for the inner leg muscles. Theo has always planned on one day setting his animals free on the beach somewhere to live free lives on their own. until that time though you can purchase miniature versions of the air propelled beasts on his website along with getting all the info you need on how to possibly build one of these monsters at home.

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