First ever affordable Personal Flamethrower

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Have you ever been playing one of of you favorite video games and while using the flame thrower you had thought to your self man it would sure be nice to have one of these in real life for when the zombie out break happens. Then you are now in luck because the guys at the company XMatter have now made this possible with the Xmatter x-15 flamethrower. Yes, you are reading that right I am saying that these dudes at X matter are actually crazy enough to have created a flame thrower that you can purchase along with their own special napalm mix that will make your flamethrower last for longer lengths of time. However on their site they say you can also use a a mixture of 90% gasoline and 10% diesel and it will still achieve the same affect giving you flamethrower fire power for up to 60 secs at max flow. Meaning you could burn a whole shit load of zombies. The greatest thing about all of this though is that you can purchase one on their website for around $1600-$1800 dollars along with the napalm mixture for extended flamethrower fury. According to Xmatter, the X15 fires a ball of mayhem 50 feet away from the muzzle thanks to its 20oz. CO2 tank rated up to 4000 psi which is roughly 4x the standard operating pressure. Along with a 3.3 gallon canister you will have more than 60 seconds of non-stop mayhem. However there is a catch, the flamethrower is legal in the US except California unless you have the correct permits. So sorry Californians it looks like for the most of you the only fire you will get to hold is the one you cop from a weed dispensary.

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