Be Creative

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Ok, I know this video is really old school straight out of the 70’s with a pretty bad pixel strength but I feel that you need to know about Denny Dent and his mind blowing form of freestyle art and this video is just the way to show you how awesome this guy was. He is the father of true freestyle street art. Denny would take and use more than one paint brush at a time and other objects such as his hands while painting these awesome masterpieces he would also use the musicians music that he was painting as inspiration in the background just watch how he moves to the beat with Jimi Hendrix as he paints his portrait almost as if he is invoking his energy. This man really opened his mind when it came to art he was an Artistic Mind like none other. He believed Wake up and Be who you are, Be creative and Take chances! Denny Dent is truly what Cultivated Clothing Culture is all about.

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