Artistic Mind at Work

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Here is what a true Artistic Mind does. This actually happpened a while a go now in 2013 however it seems like something that will stand out in the graffitit culture for ever. For so Long people have said that graffiti was ugly and obtrusive and destroyed peoples property. Bansky is out here to prove them wrong and show people that not only can art be beautiful but it can also have a lot of meaning to it. Bansky went around The city of New York and put up random controversial art peices all over in different areas around the city for passers by, commuters and fans to come and see. Even though the city of new York was not happy with what Bansky had been doing and told him to cease and desist that did not stop or deter him one sec from his mission to teach the city about art though his meaningful stencils and crazy yet meaningful art installations. This is what being a Artistic mind is all about, it is thinking outside of the box and doing something even though that society doesn’t see it fit in their normal life. Bansky is ┬ádefinitely an Artictic Mind and Independent Achiever. He’s someone who fuels the art communtiy to be it self and never be afraid to draw or say what is on your mind. take a note from Bansky and be yourself and don’t be afraid to express yourself in which ever way you see fit….O Yea and he is 38, showing that in the art world that age is not a factor. Now go and draw or paint something!

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