Bringing Conscious Hip Hop Back

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The Underachievers really went in with their new album called Cellar Door : Terminus Ut Exordium this is not just another album about cars, girls, guns, and money this is conscious hip hop for the streets. The Underachievers named this album, their third, The Cellar Door because the phrase is among the most phonetically beautiful in the English language — regardless of its meaning. In a interview with NPR Radio The Underachievers had stated that  “A lot of people don’t really understand what rappers are saying, but they enjoy it because of the flow,”  These dudes are really on another level. Here is just one of the records off of the album, it’s called Sonorous. Really listen to the lyrics that these kids are spitting, this is what true hip hop is about. This is the conscious rap that has been missing for so many years and The Underachievers are here to bring it back. Take a isten to this to this song and then go and check out the album it will really open you mind. I can tell you for sure, this album will be bumping in the office for years to come. Just look at the album cover this is some other level sh*t.

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