Big Boi & Phantogram Release Video for their supergroup Big Grams With Trippy Visuals by Adult Swim

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If Big Grams is not already in your playlist it is time that you found out about the supergroup formed by rapper Big Boi of Outkast and the psychedelic rock group Phantogram. When Big Boi first heard Phantogram he knew that they were something different and had a sound that he had never heard before but automatically liked. So being the creative artist that Big Boi is he reached out to Sara Barthell and Josh Carter of Phatogram with a idea to get into the studio and make a track or two together. The two artist’s of Phantogram loved the idea being already being Outkast fans themselves and hopped on the chance to get in the studio with one of raps legends Big Boi. At fist they had only planned to make a single track together but when they got into the studio it was magic and everything feel together so seamlessly that they decided that they would make an entire album and form a supergroup calling themselves Big Grams being a mixture of Phantogram and Big Boi. They had created a new sound something that was trippy and kept that Phantogram style while still maintaining the coolness of Big Boi’s flows  making sure not to compromise either artists creative abilities. Along with this amazing new sound and group that Big Boi & Phantogram had formed they knew that they needed some extra trippy videos to go along with the psychedelic hip hop that they had created. in order to achieve this they have reached out to the artists of Cartoons Networks Adult Swim to illustrate the video for the tracks off of their album “Born To Shine” Featuring Run The Jewels and “Run For Your Life.”  With the Crazy visuals that have been thought up by the artists of Adult Swim Big Grams songs come to life Right before your eyes in a way that might remind you of that wild acid or shroom trip you had that one time with your friends. So Sit back relax, light a bowl and get ready to be transported into Big Grams World!


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