A-F-R-O and NGHTMRE Drop a Track Directly to Vinyl and Create History…No Chance For Mess Ups

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Now a days music is made by putting a couple people in a studio and working out a track until it is perfect. That means listening to each part of the track over and over in order to adjust any little bit of sound such as turning up the high hats on a track or bringing up the bass. Some artists will even go back and re-write lyrics after they have listened to what they previously had down and decided that it was not the right flow or verse that they were looking for to convey their message. When the Rapper A-F-R-O and the EDM artist NGHTMRE got together in the studio they did not get the same luxury of being able to perfect their song with countless hours of re working a track to get it just right. Instead they only had one chance to get their project right. That’s because A-F-R-O and NGHTMRE where recording their record directly to vinyl.that means that while these two artists are recording their song, In another room the track is being cut directly on to a vinyl record allowing for no chance for A-F-R-O or NGHTMRE to go back and fix anything if they mess up so everything had to be perfect. To make things even more crazy they did all this while being accompanied by alive band. Meaning that everyone had to be on point for this whole track to come together and work seamlessly. Take alook at the video below and watch history unfold in front of your eyes it really is amazing to see how all these artist from different genres flow together to make an amazing piece of music that can also be considered art. Then when your done check out the Song “Titled Stronger” in full and hear the live feeling that has been evoked when there is no no chances for screw ups.

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