Richie Jackson of Death Skateboards Proves There Are No Rules When Skateboarding

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Thrasher Magazine has just recently released the video part for the skateboarder Richie Jackson a pro for up and coming brand Death Skateboards, and after watching it we at Cultivated are blown away! They have never said that there were any rules to skateboarding but there is a form that everybody complies with. Richie Jackson has taken everything you currently know about skateboarding and flipped it upside down. He is not your normal kickflip down a 15 stair kinda skateboarder, instead Richie has developed his own unique style of skateboarding that completely defies everything that you have ever known about the sport. If ever there were a way to say fuck your rules and fuck your style this is the way to do it. If you have never seen this dude skate before be prepared to have your head explode from his insane tricks and wacky way of skating through the streets. No joke this dude is a trip!! Enjoy!!!

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