Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky Remix Kanye West’s Freestyle 4 With a new track called What The F*#k Right Now

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So I am sure that most of you have seen that Tyler The Creator has shown much love for the new track “Freestyle 4” off of Kanye West’s new album The Life Of Pablo. It looks like he liked the song so much that he had to hop up in the studio and put down his own verses to the beat. Not only did Tyler the Creator go into the studio and remix Kanye’s track he also brought A$AP Rocky along with him. A$AP Rockygives his best P. Diddy impression and instead of spitting bars Pretty Flacco just talks shit over the beat. Telling everyone that they know who they got there swag from and letting em know that it is Golf and A$AP for life and don’t get it twisted he even refers to them as WANG$AP in the beginning of the track. This song is off the hook crazy, so crazy that it gets a music video which is literally just Tyler The Creator And A$AP Rocky Turing up on a whole nutha level inside the studio with their homies Taco and Jasper of the show Loiter Squad and what looks like A$AP Twelvy in the back jumping around like they are inside a concert. Check it out above then go check out some Cultivated Clothing while your here.

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