Pantone and artists help bring color to a city during dark times with Project Monsoon

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In the city of Seoul,South Korea they have what is called Monsoon season. This is where it rains for three days straight bringing a dark gloom over the city. Pantone saw this as a chance to bring some color to to an other wise gloomy situation and along with a group of artists they turned the 3 weeks of rain into a colorful land of murals. Making it a little more bearable for the people of Seoul to make it through the dark and wet times that they have to deal with during the so called monsoon season. How Pantone did this was by using monochromatic paints that only showed up once they got wet. Instead of the usual grey dingy streets they were know flushed with paintings of Whales, fish and turtles that appeared underfoot on the roads. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Now to get a hold of someone at Pantone to get them out here to the Northwest to splash our streets with some monochromatic color.



Raining whales and fish: The streets of Seoul were transformed by a team of designers to feature underwater scenes that were only visible when it rained

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