First Ever Triple Backflip on a Motorcycle!!

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Well it has finally been done a triple backflip..just typing that seems unreal. What is it about 2015 being the year that extreme sports nuts try to kill them selves. First off with the quadruple corkscrew on the snowboard and now with the triple Backflip on a Motocross bike, Are you freaking Serious!!!. Check out this crazy video of Nitro Circus Crew member Josh Sheehan as he does the impossible and lands a triple back flip then rolls away living to tell about it. We thought it was insane when we first seen Travis Pastrana do the first ever back flip then he stepped it up to the double but now someone has came and beaten that. Luckily though it was one of Travis Pastrana’s friends and fellow members of his extreme team Called the Nitro Circus. If you haven’t checked out these guys you owe it to yourself to give their YouTube page a look so you can see some of the many death defying stunts that they perform and you can also find out when they will be in a city near you. Nitro Circus does a world wide tour with live show for all ages where they perform a good amount of the crazy stunts that they do at a indoor arena. our jaws are dropped on the floor over here at Cultivated Clothing. What do you think?

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