Bodyscaping…Art in a whole new light

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First off we at Cultivated Clothing hope that this does not offend anybody since there is pictures of semi nude women in this post, However if it does you probably should not be on the site in the first place. Because Cultivated does not abide by anyone’s rules and we speak our mind how we see fit when we see fit. Plus who doesn’t love a naked woman they are beautiful. This is why we have brought you these awesome Images and video of these super rad U.V landscape body paintings that the artist John Poppleton has created. John has used his creative mind to bring to life amazing landscape images with Black light UV paint on the backs of nude women using the contours and shape of their body to accent the landscape images almost making the women disappear into the background when he is done.(we said almost) Now it might just be us but there is just something about using a woman’s curves to bring out your art that we really like especially when some of it looks like it is Northwest inspired. Check out some of the pics of the “Bodyscaping” and watch the video to see for your self the amazing art that has been created by John Poppletons mind.

body-paint-art-black-light-11 (1)body-paint-art-black-light-2





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