Quadruple Corkscrew Insanity!!

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Holy Cow! When you watch this video your jaw will hit the floor just like ours did. For such a long time snowboarders were trying to complete something that was considered an almost impossible feat, that is landing a triple corkscrew. At first it seemed as if no one would be able to do it. However in 2010 that feat was accomplished by professional snowboarder Torstein Horgmo when he stomped the landing on the 1440 triple corkscrew. Now that someone had achieved the impossible it was time to step up the bar of insanity and start trying quadruple corkscrews. So here were are now in 2015 and finally someone has done something that no one thought was achievable landing a quadruple corkscrew. That’s right we said a quadruple corkscrew!!! This was accomplished by pro UK snowboarder Billy Morgan when he floated through the air spinning 1800 degrees and completing four full rotational flipsĀ and stomping the landing to become the first ever snowboarder to officially land the quad corkscrew and it was insane. Take a look below at this jaw dropping action.

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