Is it possibe this 17 Year Old Rapper is the future of Hip Hop?

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Here at Cultivated Clothing we have came upon an article that we have to share about a new underground Hip Hop artist that is only 17 years old and goes by the name of A-F-R-O. This article was brought to us from the blog of Uproxx since they are currently getting together with Honda to bring an artist spotlight series spotlighting new up and coming musicians that have yet to get their shine. This artist stood out to us because of his smooth yet lyrical style and his abilities to freestyle off the top in a way that’s so smooth it is almost unbelievable. A-F-R-O is brand new on our radar but is sure to be someone that we keep a close eye on and you should to. With a style like Notorious B.I.G but a flow like the Gift of Gab this kid is sure to make a massive impact on the Hip Hop Community. A-F-R-O says he got a lot of his lyrical skills because his mom as a punishment made him read the entire dictionary when he was younger which if you have ever heard the expression turning lemons into lemonade that is exactly what A-F-R-O did instead of just reading the dictionary as a punishment he expanded his lyrical capabilities giving him the abilities to spit like some of hip hop’s greats. Maybe it was even his influence of Kool Moe Dee, Rakim and Big Daddy Kane that he listened to while growing up that gave him his style of flow. Either way whatever it was that gave the 17 year old rapper the skills to spit off the top of head like he is reading off a teleprompter we are glad that it has had influence on his life. A-F-R-O came to be recognized when R.A The Rugged Man had put out a contest asking people to take a sample beat that he provided and write some bars over it, then R.A was going to get together with some other top hip hop artists and they would judge the entry’s and ultimately find the best one. So A-F-R-O hoped on the track and immediately killed it, when R. A The Rugged Man heard his entry he knew right away that it was a winner and had to get in to contact with the 17 year old kid that had blown his mind with his lyrical powers and thus was born the Hip Hop artist known as A-F-R-O. If you want to know more about A-F-R-O and read the whole article that uproxx has written about him and his entrance into the hip hop world you can click here or click above and watch the video that they put together to get a quick perspective on who really is.

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