Beck’s Beer creates a buzz with their aluminum scratch bottle

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Not every great marketing scheme comes from a large team of marketers sitting in a room trying to figure out what is going to be the next big thing. Instead some of the best marketing schemes are came upon by actually getting out and doing some real world research. That is how Beck’s Beer of Anneheisuer Busch decided to come up their latest by mareting plan. They went around to party’s and bars and recorded what they saw that people were doing with there beer in particularly. The one thing that they found that was persistent was that people liked to draw designs on the aluminum that wrapped around the neck of the bottle. Using them to sometimes leave a phone number for the girl/guy across the table or maybe even just draw a small picture to catch that someones eye. After Beck’s had witnessed this happening with their bottles they had a epiphany! Why dont we give the people at the bars and party’s a larger canvas to draw on? That is how they came up with the Aluminum Scratch bottle.. Allowing people to really use their creative juices and either draw a picture on the bottle or to even do something as simple as to play tic tac toe with the person sitting next to or in front of them. Unfortunatley this was just a one time deal as a spokesperson from Becks has stated “There are no plans to produce the bottles at the moment.”  However you can still use the Aluminum around the top of the bottle to draw a little design for the girl sitting across the way or maybe just to tell your freinds to “Suck it.” Talk about really Cultivating an idea from scratch (pun intended) Check below for Beck’s Official Statement on the Aluminum Bottles.

“BECK’S is a traditional beer brewery from North Germany. It’s served in almost every bar and nightclub throughout the country and has a history in collaborating with artists and musicians. More and more young beer drinkers tend to prefer small breweries and craft beers instead of big players like BECK’S. We wanted to find a way to make BECK’S more appealing again to a younger and frequently outgoing audience. It’s a party phenomenon: people like to scratch shapes into the characteristic aluminum neck of BECK’S bottles. Based on this insight we developed an interactive and playful packaging that turned the whole bottle into an aluminum canvas.”


Becks-Scratchbottle (4) Becks-Scratchbottle (6) Becks-Scratchbottle (7) Becks-Scratchbottle (2) Becks-Scratchbottle (8) Becks-Scratchbottle (10)

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