Dj Khaled try’s the Hot Wings Challenge!!

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At Cultivated Clothing we cant quit laughing while watching this video of DJ Khaled trying to eat hot wings on First We Feast‘s show called The Hot Wings Challenge. DJ Khaled starts off the the interview pretty boldly by letting the host of the show know just what a FUCCBOY is in full explanation. Then he attempts the begging of the Hot Wings Challenge but Khaled had to have his chef fly in wings specially from his restaurant in Miami called Finga Licking DJ Khaled even referring to the show as the Finga Licking special. Of course since DJ Khaled had his own wings flown in you would think he would have no problem with the Hot Wings Challenge however you would have thought wrong cause apparently DJ Khaled does not like hot food at all. As he begins to attempt eating the wings and answering the hosts questions about his career coming up as an artist. DJ Khaled starts to Realize that he is a little in over his head from the first bite of the first wing he lets the host know that “these wings are hot” and by the time he makes it to the third wing he is letting the host know that he is not going to continue eating these wings because in his opinion “this is not healthy for you.” He even refers to this as being as dangerous as jumping of a building or doing drugs. Then as the interview continues he even goes as far as to say if he did not know any better he would think that he was on P’unkd or something. DJ Khaled believes that trying to eat the 10 hot wings and calling it a victory is not for him instead it is a problem and in his words if you eat wings that hot then “you are playing yourself.”  Check out DJ Khaled doing the Hot Wings Challenge down below and keep an eye out for his new album I Changed A Lot that releases on Oct 23rd.


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