The Future Has Arrived! Nike Mags with the Power Locking Lace System are Here!

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Yesterday was the day that every 90’s kid and especially us at Cultivated Clothing have been waiting for, not only was it the exact date the Doc Brown and Marty McFly went back to the future in the Back to the future II movie but it was also the day that that Nike finally released the log awaited Nike Mag with the Power Lacing system that was seen on the Nike mags that Michael J Fox’s character Marty McFly put on in Back to the Future II but they are almost an exact replica even including the LED lights that lit up on the sole and back heel of the shoe. Fortunately if you are a avid sneaker collector or Sneaker head as some call them selves then you already know that Nike has previously released the Nike Mag with out the power lacing system in 2014 (referring to it as the Nike Air Mag at that time) through a auction that benefited the Micheal J Fox Foundation to cure Parkinson’s Disease. Along with the release of these highly anticipated shoes they also hinted at the fact that in 2015 they would be releasing the first ever shoe with the Power Lacing system that everyone has wanted for so long. Now here we are in 2015 and yesterday was just OCT 21st 2015 which is the day that They cam to in the future in Back to the Future II, and Nike followed through with there promise. They released they showed us the first ever show with a power locking lace system through a small video on there website then shortly after on you tube through the Michael J Fox Foundation with a video of Michael J Fox receiving the first ever pair of Nike Mags with the power locking lace system. Shortly after the information about the Mags released Nike had put out a statement letting everyone know that they would be able to possibly get a pair of their own Nike Mags with the Power lacing lock system in 2016 through another auction that the will be running in order to benefit the Michel J Fox Foundation to Cure Parkinson’s Disease. Look down below to see some of Tinker Hatfields Designs and notes on how he came up with the design for the Nike Mag to really get some more insight on how this shoe came together.




Tinker Nke Mag Sketcn 1150 1


NDP Tinker Nke Mag Sketcn 1150


NDP Tinker Nke Mag Sketcn 1150 2

Tinker Mag Sketch FULL 1150


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