Spray on clothing is a possibility in the near future

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What would you do if in the morning all had to do is grab a can of what looks like spay paint and spay on your clothes for that day. I’m sure your thinking like we at Cultivated were when we first heard about it. Spray on clothing that sounds like a ridiculous idea. Something that you would see in a sci-fi movie right? Well not exactly, actually it is something that had been dreamed up and made a reality by a Spanish fashion designer Manel Torres who is the man behind the world’s first spray-on clothing. Manuel first came up of this idea while at a wedding for one of his friends. While he was there he was watching one of them spray cans of silly string all over people and he thought to him self that maybe you could make a material that sticks to you like silly string but out of actual fibers, turning them into clothes that could be worn. That is exactly what he ended up doing with a little help from scientists at the London Imperial College Manel Torres was the first person to ever design a spray on material from fibers that stuck together when air hit them and would work as well as any piece of clothing that you owned. The greatest thing about this material was that is could be washed and re-worn and then dissolved and re sprayed into a new garment when you desire. Along with that the spray is able to use multiple styles of fibers from (wool, linen, acrylic etc…) allowing for different feels and textures that you can spray on. The spray or clothing I-a-can works by binding fibers with special polymers that when spayed together will actually bond together and create a wearable fabric. A fabric that has many of possibilities from being able to being embossed, stenciled or put in to many of different patterns and styles. When does this amazing Spray can fabric come out you ask? Well it has been in development since 2000 and is still something that Manel Torres is working on with chemical engineer Paul Luckham who has helped him create Fabrican Ltd a company that is working on trying to find ways to make this fabric a true reality and bring it to an affordable market in order to take it from just clothing to many other applications such as the first ever completely sterile spay on band aids and casts. Check out the video of Manel Torres explaining just how the fabric works and its many of applications up above.

spray-clothing spray-clothing3

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