Lyrically this kid is a beast

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If you don’t already know about Joey Bada$$ it is about time that you found out about him. So here we are at Cultivated Clothing once again trying to expand your mind and give you some good music to listen to. Joey Bada$$ is an up and coming artist thats blowing up out of Brooklyn, New York. He is trying to bring back that old skool 90’s hip hop flow and style back to the game and not only in his music but in his style also. Watch the video and look at what Joey Bada$$ chooses to wear. It is all very remincent of some gear that you would have seen memembers of the Wu-Tang Clan wearing in the 90’s. The cinamatography for this video is pretty cool also switching in and out from a smokey daze to hanging with his homies in the city. Take a listen to Big Dusty one of Joey’s new song’s that will be on his new album B4da$$ that’s realeasing this fall. Joey Bada$$ is also currently on tour and will be in Portland OR on Oct 12 at the Roseland, for more info on when and where he is coming to your town or a town near you  go to

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