We got love for the West

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We have been telling you about a lot of hip hop artist’s that are coming up from the east coast lately but dont worry cause we still have got our eyes on the West Coast. That is why we are here to tell you about Blu a cool low key LA ┬ábased artist. This kid is ill on the mic he is coming at you with those story telling flows that you can really feel whether or not it is on a bright sunny day or a cold rainy one. Blu is gunna lift the sprits, his latest track Need You that is produced by Carolina based producer L’Orange who has also been under the radar for some time now but will soon be coming to the fore front with his dynamic style of beat layering. the mixture of the two bring about a wonderful track and If you haven’t already taken a listen to this do so now and watch this video, which is as musically compelling as it is visually. Stay Cultivated!

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